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Join us as  Life Membership today !


Click on the hyperlink to download the application form:-

RSAA-membership form_V7_1(July14).pdf (60,5 kB)

(right-click to save the link onto your desktop for ease of printing the form for submission)


  • Please ensure that the application form is duly completed with attachment of cheque payment of the enrolment fee of S$350/- plus  evidence of the applicant's attenance at Rosyth School (copy of the front page of the record book or PSLE certificate would suffice).
  • Please allow upto 8 weeks for applications to be processed and to be notified of results.
  • Provisional Membership Number will be issued to all applicants via email.  Please note that NO HARD COPY of evidence of membership will be issued; hence all members should keep a copy of the email notification carefully.


Helpful Information:

1.   Please visit our NEW and very own website https://www.rosythalumni.org/

2.   Kindly ensure all data is clearly typed on forms submitted.

3.   RSAA recruits volunteers at its AGM held around late November every year.

4.    We cannot advice you on your chances of success or eligibility nor on your fulfilment of the criteria set by MOE and Rosyth for being eligible for enrolment as members of alumni.

5.   However as an indication only, no member of alumni in the past has complained of not being successful despite gaining membership, upon satisfying all the other criteria set by the MOE.

6.   The 4 year period for reckoning of voluntary service, need not be completed before your child enrols.

7.    Our membership drive every year closes by around 25th October every year.

8.      RSAA will not 

a. acknowledge receipt of applications;

b. issue duplicate E-membership records ;

c. issue confirmation that members have satisfied the requirements for volunteering;

d. issue confirmation of eligibility of children for priority

e. entertain emails from email addresses not stated on membership forms (due to many applicants declaring one email address on their application forms then corresponding through other email addresses with alumni and issues of privacy)

9.    If more than 60 days have elapsed since your dispatch of your application and you have not received any notification of being accorded membership, kindly ascertain the exact date when your cheque cleared and notify us of the same if and when enquiring, to enable us to trace.

10.   Please do not seek information from Rosyth School.

11.  Successful applicants are reminded of their responsibility to maintain their e-records of membership carefully.

Thank You.